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Which Rookie will lead the 2018 ROTY Class coming out of St. Pete?

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2018 - A look back, A look ahead...

let the season begin... First a personal note: I must apologize for the cobwebs on the site to close out the season last year. A change of career on the “real job” front mid 2017 and a mass exodus of all but myself on the writing side left me scrambling to keep my head above water on all sides of the equation, and keep the site updated. Each week, by the time I got around to sitting down and writing about an event or a session, if I even managed to see it, the moment had long passed and it was old news.

This year I’m afraid will most likely be the same, as I am once again solo in my efforts to cover the series and season. Up until about an hour ago, I considered slipping into the shadows, shuttering the site, and simply walking away. Full disclosure, this is essentially what is going to happen, but at the close of 2018, not today.

Instead of walking away now, I’m going to use this season and the site to look back over the last 10yrs of OWW, and remember the awesome. Relive the joy. Pique my passion again if possible. A sort of “Farewell Tour” if you will. Plus they went ahead and hired another 2 Canadian drivers so it would be wrong not to support them through their first season ;-) Go Eh Team!

It was 2008, when instead of enjoying our successful 1yr anniversary we found ourselves scrambling instead at the start of the year, transitioning from “Champ Car World” to “Open Wheel World”; one of the only fan sites covering Champ Car that made the jump to cover the newly unified series. By the end of 2008, I was basically solo in my efforts as the lustre had worn off for the rest of the writing team, and they all walked away from racing. So it’s sort of a fitting, full circle moment for me to close out my racing “career” wandering the halls on my own and reminiscing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy IndyCar (despite the crap put forth as “racing” the last couple of years with the abomination that has been the aerokit experiment) but the landscape has changed on the journalism side. The pool gets smaller and smaller each year, the news is packaged and controlled, and the opportunities to be part of the conversation fewer and far between. Heck, the last couple of years it's felt like I've being trying to convince the bouncer to let me into the party despite having an invite in my hand. Journalists with far more expansive pedigrees are struggling for work, so who am I to wade in the same murky the waters.

And just for clarification, it’s not an “if I’m not getting paid, I’m not playing” thing either. I have barely made a dime at this. (other than a few rare paid photography opportunities in recent years which essentially covered my lodging for the weekend) This has always been a labour of love, rock on my own dime “dream job” that I pulled off with my own blood, sweat, and tears (oh so many tears) to support the series, teams, and drivers.
It's been an unimaginable dream come true for 14yrs.

But despite my best side-hustle efforts to secure a paying gig in racing, while working 3 "real" jobs, I only managed to open doors for others to find gainful employment… ha!
I guess I should take pride in my ability to spot and hone talent!

My aforementioned new “real job” and lack of writing staff means a change in how I will be covering the season. I don’t have the time or desire to come up with a fresh way to repackage news releases. They put a lot of work into writing the original, so who am I to reinterpret it? Rather than simply becoming a news aggregate, I HIGHLY recommend y’all pony up the $22 for the season, and subscribe to Trackside Online. (where do you think I get most of my info??) You get all the press releases, all the session reports, stellar coverage of the ladder series, and “boots on the ground” coverage of each race.

My “On Track This Week” preview format was so popular, that you can now find it emulated by several sites. So, I probably won’t be wasting time on that either…

I couldn’t care less about the technical gobbildy-gook. (never have)
As long as the racing is good, I don’t give a &$^# what’s “under the hood”. So you won’t be regaled by me in that area either.
Subscribe to or to get all the latest technical updates.

So, what will I be doing?
*asked the 30 or so people that stumbled upon this url accidentally*

Well, like I said, I plan on looking back over the last 10 yrs for each event (where applicable).
I plan on covering “Team Canada” because, hey, I’m the only one left, and I’m Canadian, so there. Nuff said.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the new faces, and watching the dynamics of the new teams, new driver/team match ups as the season progresses. I’ll be giving my unsolicited opinions on the series, the season, the racing, the car for the season, and Monday Morning quarterbacking the races.

And I’m hoping to get out to a few of my favourite races this year to say “goodbye”. (I’m looking at you Detroit GP!)

So there you go… Up Next… A look back and ahead at St. Pete and the season.

EDIT: Well, it appears the mothership has actually removed the option to switch to the N.American site.

For those of you that had it bookmarked and found this post, I thank you for your readership and support over the last 10 yrs.

To everyone on my team, past and current, if you're reading this, thank you for your hard work and camaraderie.

To everyone on the Euro site, thanks and hope to see you down the line again!

Unless I hear otherwise from the Managing editor of the NL site, I guess this was the last post for the N.American wing of

Looks like I'll be discussing the 2018 season back over on my blog for now...

you can also find me on twitter:


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Friday - May 29
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Race Laguna Seca
1. C. Herta 1:53:56
2. W. Power 1:53:57
3. S. Dixon 1:54:03
4. S. Pagenaud 1:54:03
5. F. Rosenqvist 1:54:06
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